Climatizzatore da tetto RTA-2500


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Attualmente consegniamo solo nei Paesi Bassi in Belgio. Siamo lieti di indirizzarvi ai rivenditori Mestic italiani.
» Capacità di raffreddamento: 2500W
» Per caravan fino a 8m
» Tipo di montaggio: fisso
» Regolabile a 16 - 30°C
  • BTU - 8500
  • decibel - 54
  • gewicht 42,5 kg
  • Nachtmodus
  • Speeds - 4

Climatizzatore da tetto RTA-2500

Wherever you are, you can now enjoy a pleasant climate within your vehicle thanks to the Mestic rooftop air conditioner. With this air conditioning system your camper or caravan reaches the perfect temperature in no time at all. Not only is this air conditioning system capable of cooling down your vehicle, it can also work as a heater as well as a dehumidifier!

Always a pleasant indoor temperature

The Mestic rooftop air conditioner provides each and every vehicle with an excellent air conditioning system. This powerful air conditioner quickly sets the right temperature in your vehicle so you can enjoy your holiday to the fullest. Temperature settings range from 16°C to 30°C so you can make it as hot or as cold as you like inside your vehicle. The Mestic rooftop air conditioner is compact in size (101.8 x 65 x 25.9 cm) leaving room for a solar panel or roof box on top of your vehicle. Also, there is no need to worry about noise interference from the air conditioner. Thanks to the latest technological developments, this air conditioning system is very quiet. It is supplied with a fan, so you have everything you need to enjoy a climate that is perfectly suited to you.

Main advantages

  • Quick and efficient cooling system
  • Adjustable to 16°C - 30°C
  • Installation size required: 40 x 40 cm
  • Size: 101.8 x 65 x 25,9 cm (l x w x h)
  • Weight: 42.5 kg
  • Includes air distributor

Comfortable and easy to use

The Mestic rooftop air conditioner is a user-friendly air conditioning system. You will enjoy its benefits for many years to come. Thanks to the remote control (included) it is very easy to operate. Turn the air conditioner up or down in steps of one degree to reach the perfect indoor temperature. Moreover, this air conditioning system comes with a soft start function so you can use it without any problems, even at campsites with a low power supply! It distributes the air flow evenly between the front and rear of your vehicle. Also, this air conditioning system is equipped with dimmable LED lighting that continues to work even when you are not using the cooling or heating function. So, the Mestic rooftop air conditioner provides you with the ultimate comfort and convenience.

The Mestic Rooftop Air Conditioner ensures that the climate in your motorhome or caravan is always in line with your needs. It is ever so easy to turn it up or down. With this rooftop air conditioner in your vehicle you can look forward to a great holiday!

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Prezzo: 1.295,00 Inculsa IVA


Numero articolo 1517900
Tensione di collegamento 230V AC
Numero di livelli di ventilazione 4
Dimensioni 101,8 x 65 x 25,9 cm
Larghezza unita interna 61 cm
Larghezza unita esterna 65 cm
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